Jnius Design is a company that wants to do something different with sheet metal than the usual sheet metal company.

Instead of making sheet metal boxes and components we want to take this material out of these traditional ways of designing and manufacturing like kitchens, elevators, cabinets, machines, cars etc.

Our goal is to design artifacts and objects that are not traditional to make with sheet metal. We still believe many things are possible with different kind of materials and different kind of assembling them.

We have already 20 years of experience inside the sheet metal business.​

Take the balls as example. These are things that you would say it is not possible to make with this material. But I managed to do that. Of course it requires some designing testing and re-designing.

You can just enjoy our designs for now and in the future, there are plans to make more different style of objects, so keep looking out for us!

Of course if you would like to contact us directly don't hesitate to send a mail or fill in the form below and we will help you answer your questions about the balls as soon as possible.

We also would like to inform you that the designs are officially patented!

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