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The Zeus

The Zeus or 'Golden' Ball gets its gold-like colour from the brass material.
This product is very sturdy and its features are long-lasting, even when kept outdoors! Almost like true gold, its shine is rich and appealing.
The feeling of winning encapsulated in a golden sphere.


The Nemesis

Both stainless steel and golden-yellow brass are used in making of the Nemesis model; creating a unique ball witch emanates the beauty of cold steel tempered with the warmth of gold.


The Kronos piece is a soccer ball completely made of stainless steel. The fine polish renders its surface to an almost mirror-like level of reflection. The finest metallic outlines and gentle curves of this eye-catcher's features will look great in any office or on any desk or tabletop

The Kronos

Crafted with precision and passion, our Classic Football embodies the essence of the sport's heritage. Made from high-quality metallic materials, this exquisite piece is more than just a football – it's a work of art.

Classic Football €360


Polished Volleyball

One of the newest products in our development efforts is the Volleyball. The same model can be used for the Gaelic Football, which has been garnering a lot of popularity recently.
Made of stainless sheet metal polished to mirror shine, it is certain to leave a profound impression

Golf balls

Polished Golf Ball

Classic Golf Ball

A stainless steel variation of a golf ball designed to be used mostly for golf trophies and other memorabilia, but it will also catch its share of appreciation featured in an office or on a desk.

The white coated sphere model is manufactured with as close as possible resemblance to an actual golf ball in mind, including the characteristic dimples. Its carefully balanced surface features provide a tactile feeling of an actual golf ball making this product an attractive sight and pleasant to hold.

American Footballs

The American Football

The American Football model is probably the item everybody seems to be most amazed by, trying to guess how it looks on the inside and what must have been done to accomplish the assembly. A product that is guaranteed to invoke a feel of achievement.

Picture coming

The Golden American Football

Coming up for sale soon!

Design stands


Metal design stand for ball circle


Metal design stand for ball hexa


Metal design stand for ball 1200


Metal design stand for ball 150

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